Finca - Specialty Coffee Roaster

We're a coffee roaster WITH coffee shops

Let's face it, there are a lot of roasters out there and there are a
lot coffee shops. But there are only a handful of roasters which own and
operate multiple retail sites.

We've been roasting for years, even before we set up our first
specialty coffee shop in 2014. Our dedicated roastery is the heartbeat
of our coffee shops. Unlike many roasters, we also own and operate
coffee shops, so we have absolutely nowhere to hide because we source,
roast, grind, brew, and serve coffee to our customers every day across
multiple sites. If our coffee isn't good enough, then our customers will
tell us so.

One of our shops in Great Western Road, Dorchester recently won
"Coffee Shop of the Year 2018" in the Dorset Food and Drink Awards. It's
an accolade we're very proud of. If coffee is as important to you as it
is to us, you're at the right place.

Take a look through the specialty coffees we have on offer. They will
either be in the hoppers at our shops RIGHT NOW or on retail sale. Come
and enjoy your coffee journey with us.

  • Single Origin SCA graded

    All the coffee we roast is single origin, SCA 80+ grade.

  • Specialty Coffee

    We sell single origin coffee that we serve in our specialty coffee shops.