About Us

We are a specialty coffee shop and coffee roaster

We started our coffee journey over 10 years ago. At home, roasting green coffee in a wok. The smell was amazing, the chaff was everywhere, the roast was, well, uneven. But the taste was like nothing else we had experienced before.

After a while, we dispensed with the wok and bought our first 1/4 kilo roaster, a CBR101, to help make our roasts more even. This gave us improved control over the roasting process and enabled us to collect the chaff. We were still only roasting at home for ourselves, but then had the opportunity to open our first shop in Dorchester.

The premises was a former shoe shop in town, closed for over two years, and needed a lot of work. Coincidentally, Genesis were working on a new 1kg roaster which was just going through EU approval. We took delivery of the very first CBR1200 1kg roaster to be sold in the UK and opened up FINCA Specialty Coffee Shop in Dorchester on 19th June 2014, roasting coffee during the evenings.

Roll on a few years, and we now have a dedicated roastery where we ONLY roast SCA 80+ coffees. We don't outsource ANY of our coffee roasting. And every single coffee bean that's been sold, either through our hoppers as drinks or in retail bags has been roasted by us.

We hope you enjoy our coffees as much as we do.