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Finca Coffee

Bolivia - Arcangel

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Let me introduce you to this amazing washed coffee from Bolivia.  If this beaut was in a boxing match with the super Finca Amigos Geisha from Colombia that landed at our roastery at the same time, they'd both be going head to head over 15 rounds, and maybe, just maybe, this one would lose on points in the end.  But perhaps not - let us know what you think.  First of all we have a coffee which is sweet, sweet, sweet.  It doesn't have the complexity of Finca Amigos, but it is incredibly fruity, with stone fruits coming through in buckets.  Think of fruit pastels and you won't be far off.  Have it with milk, and it's a milkshake.  You get a lot of bang for your buck with this one - you simply cannot lose.  250g bags.